Acu Hoop

Weighted Acu Hoop® ranges from 1.5-5 lb. The patented wavy-ridged design provides concentrated force that stimulates core muscles.

Trim Hoop

Weighted Trim Hoop® ranges from 1.5-4 lb. Smooth plastic pipe design with rubber padding exterior allows users to exercise comfortably.

Power Hoop

Weighted  Power Hoop® ranges from 4-5 lbs. Designed for maximum durability and advanced muscle stimulation. For performance training, ideal for experienced users.

Wavy Hoop

Wavy Hoop® consists of lighter hoops designed for children, teenagers, dance purposes or specific exercises to target arm and legs muscles.

DIY Hoop & Hoop Tape

DIY Hoop™ weighs 2lbs. More flexible in structure and can be easily customized to diameters at 33”, 38” or 42”. Prism Tape customization available.

5 lb. Weighted Hoops

Popular items for users over 180 lb and experienced users over 140 lb.

4 lb. Weighted Hoops

Popular items for users weighing 140-180 lb and experienced users over 100 lb.

3 lb. Weighted Hoops

Popular items for users weighing 100-140 lb and experienced users over 80 lb.

1-2 lb. Hula Hoops

For dancing purpose or for users weighing under 80 lb. Great for playing and exercise!

Arm Hoop & Hoop Accessories

The Arm Hoop, sports hoop workout DVDs, and the hoop carry bag.

Slimming Aid Products

Exercise and fitness equipment to help you exercise more efficiently.

Slimming Dietaries

High quality natural dietary products and supplements.